Ric de Azevedo

Special guest

Ric de Azevedo has been performing his entire life. He started working in Television commercials at the age of 7. He is the son of Alyce King, who, along with her 3 sisters formed the famous Grammy Nominated singing group “The King Sisters.” He gained fame as a member of Television’s “First Family of Song” THE KING FAMILY, performing in over 60 episodes of their weekly Saturday night ABC Television Series, Holiday Specials and hundreds of live performances during the 1960’s and 70’s. Ric spent three years in the United States Army as a vocal soloist attached to the Pentagon with the United States Army Field Band. Ric has also performed in several of his brother, Lex de Azevedo s LDS plays, including playing the original Todd in Saturdays Warrior. He has been performing all over the world for the last 33 years with Jim Pike, Gary Pike and Bobby Engemann, original members of the famous singing group “The Lettermen.” During this time Ric also worked for 34 years in the Television and Motion Picture industry as a Television Producer and Director of Post Production for Universal Studios and Warner Bros. Ric retired from Warner Bros. in 2006 and moved from Southern California with his wife Anna, to live in Fruit Heights, Utah.

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